Deadlines Looming

Over the past few months the agency has been busy issuing for public comment proposed rules required by CPSIA. Consumer safety is unquestionably our goal at the CPSC, however, some of these proposals are questionable in how consumer safety might be achieved, and unclear at what expense. Some of these proposals are aimed at specific products, some are administrative in nature and some are very significant and will have a profound impact, for better or worse, on the cost and availability of consumer products.  It is so important that those who will be affected by these proposed rules let us know how they will impact you.  Your comments can indeed shape the final product.  In past blogs, I have discussed the importance of getting comments from those affected by our actions.  Because the public comment period for many of these proposals is closing over the upcoming summer months, I thought it would be useful to list some of them and the end date for comments.  So here goes:

Interpretation of Children’s Product — June 21, 2010

Publicly Available Consumer Complaint Database — July 23, 2010

Testing Rules for Component Parts — August 3, 2010

Testing and Labeling Pertaining to Product Certification (15 Month Rule) — August 3, 2010

We also have out for comment several proposed rules dealing with specific products such as toddler bed, bassinets, and drawstrings on children’s outwear, among others. 

While these proposed rules are important, I don’t have to remind you they impose a real impact on those who make consumer products.  Since the agency has abandoned cost/ benefit analysis of these rules, we will not have information on the real world impact of our rules – unless you tell us.


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  1. 1 Ed Malesky June 23, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Nancy, The HTA suggested i forward my post to you.

    I just got back from the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) Sypmosium in Hartford. The AAW has 13,000 members and over 300 chapters. The annual symposium is held in various regions in the US and in addition to all the regular symposium activities, they have a Return to the Community charity project at each symposium.

    At the Club Chapter meeting I raised the issue about the need to have guidelines established for the Symposium’s Return to the Community efforts for next year. Generally, a local children’s hospital is chosen and club chapters turn wooden toys for the kids. They responded that their lawyers recommended they not make any guidelines since the regs are still fluid. They want to limit liability.

    So for next year the direction has changed from supporting a children’s hospital to supporting Empty Bowls. Members will now make bowls that will be sold and the funds donated to Empty Bowls. Since it’s not focused at children, there’s no liability concern. Still a noble cause, but this is another impact of the new law.

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